Reggae Video

Story of Reggae
Music in Jamaica

This is one of the episodes of the BBC documentary "The Story of Reggae". This episode picks up from the Jamaican ska and moves on through the roots, dub and lovers rock of the 1970's. The video has a commentary and it gives historical and economical context for the rise of Reggae music in Jamaica.

Bob Marley 'We Jammin'

Probably the most charismatic reggae singer of all time. Nesta (known as Bob) Marley

The Dancehall Story

Brief look at the Jamaican dancehall and reggae phenomenon in Jamaica

Reggae from 80's to 90's

A step back at the glory of reggae music from Jamaica and other parts of the world..

Jamaica Reggae

A slideshow of the island of Jamaica put to beautiful Reggae music and a chilled out Carribean feel. Great images of palm trees and sunny beaches, also Jamaican people and customs. Feel a warm and soulful breeze of the island of Jamaica. Watching this video you get a nice feel of the Carribean lifestyle.

Burning Spear 'Walk'

Burning Spear's reggae music is one of the cornerstones of Jamaican music.

Rub' A Dub Sundays

A calling by the Rub' A Dub sound to all Jamaican reggae fans!

Int' Dancehall Competition

View some of the latest dancehall moves by dancehall divas!

Bob Marley Interview

One of the best interviews of reggae star Bob Marley done by Dylan Taite. Bob talks about reggae music, religion, and the rasta culture. Bob Marley explains how the reggae sound formed and how important reggae is to the people in Jamaica and to himself. The interview uncovers Bob Marley's personal views on politics and life.

Rasta Wisdom

Meet and hear the wisdom of many of the elder rastafirians from the hills of Jamaica

Jimmy Cliff

Reggae music video for Jamaican movie "The Harder They Come" featuring Jimmy Cliff

Reggae Rythms

Gil Sharone playing classic jamaican reggae rythms and ska grooves

Reggae Video Jamaica